SevenStar Gallery - Berlin Somewhere / Irgendwo by Jimin Lee

from 7pm

SevenStar Gallery is pleased to present Somewhere/Irgendwo, a solo exhibition by Jimin Lee, whose artworks explore themes of the movement of the body and objects in space referring to migration, globalization, transportation and mobility.

The exhibition will present Jimin Lee’s recent original print media works, including a collaborative work with composer Frank Harris featuring an original music score and video incorporating some of Lee’s prints. For many years, Lee has focused on themes of mobility, displacement and labor on the personal and social level as seen in traffic, places of transport, or objects that move or are "in transit" -- travel in both the daily and in the migratory sense. Most of the images -- the scenes of airports, planes, trains or train stations -- were captured locally in the San Francisco Bay Area where she resides. But they could almost have been taken anywhere in the world today and could be relevant to any viewer.

In this era of globalization, awareness of other cultures is accelerated through such means as satellite transmission and the Internet. However, the artist's own physical migration must still be part of an evolution of thought processes that can never be experienced via a “Googling” of queries or photographs, etc. There is something uniquely authentic and physical that the human body and mind experience through a real-time “change of soil." Everyday realities captured in Lee's photographic images become ambiguous and even confusing to the viewer because of the digital manipulations she imposes on them. This manipulation becomes the means by which she tells her stories and inspires the reading of her digitally-reconstructed pictures as realistic, even though they are fictional.

Realized through Lee's pioneering methods of multiple laser-cut woodblock printing and other photomechanical processes, images acquire rich textural surfaces that slow down the act of looking. Things unseen on flat screens are brought sharply to the audience’s attention, inviting sustained engagement.

Jimin Lee is a Korean-born California-based artist who exhibits around the world. She has had solo shows in Chicago, New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seoul, Tokyo, Canberra, Toronto, Montreal, Shenzhen and Chengdu. This is her first solo exhibition in Berlin. She is Full Professor of Art and heads the Print Media program at the University of California, Santa Cruz as well as the Contemporary Print Media Research Center.

March 2 -
March 17, 2018

Opening Reception
March 2
time 5 p.m.

SevenStar Gallery owned by artist / mime / dancer Thorsten Heinze is centrally located at one of the most visited places in Berlin. The historic house, which used to be a brothel, is now a meeting for internationally recognized masters, avant-garde photography, and previously unpublished limited edition prints and oversized formats.